Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Water color

This is my practice with the watercolors... it's from a sketch that i did in first semester.

5 objects

Back to UNCG

My first week back at school was like starting a new life... It's strange being in one place with friends who you've known since the elementary days and having to see them for the first time in five months, when you used to see them everyday of your life. Then coming back to UNCG to my friends who i've only known for a few months but feels like i've known them for a lifetime. I think in a way you get to know your friends in college more because in the beginning everyone is in the same boat, we don't know anyone so we make friends as quickly as we can and we get know everything about them because we live with them day in and day out. Anyway, being back at UNCG is the best feeling ever... it's home away from home. I'm with my friends and surrounded by people I love.