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Friday, March 16, 2012

IARC core values

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review for Jamaan's Music Library

In reviewing Jamaan Simmons's Music Library Space it seems that he has taken a very holistic approach to his design. Every aspect of his project has not only the parameters of the project in mind but also the users of the space. His use of curvilinear forms help divide the space into various social boundaries. Some areas are for personal use, some for group work, and others for listening areas. The design of these spaces would allow for the library to function with a clear path of circulation, areas that meet the needs of all users, and material and finish choices that bring life to the music library. The lighting system that Jamaan has proposed gives hierarchy to ceiling instead of blending it into the surroundings. His introduction of learning commons will also provide students with the necessary equipment and furnishings to “collaborate through social interactions with other students.” Which is what Jamaan’s space is all about using not only furnishings but the systems, services, skin, and structure to create psychological and physical boundaries to create these social commons. The materials he chose help define these spaces. Also the storage units that were chosen help focus the circulation through the space. Some suggestions that I would give to jamaan would be to make a description of his design because for someone who is not an IARC major they might understand the space at first glance. Another suggestion would be to add some entourage into the perspectives because it will help highlight certain areas and give the renderings more life.