Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jenga 3.0 WI1

Community is a basic need of humans. We need others to surround us in order to communicate and create friendships. Our space is all about brining together designs as well as people.

As you enter into the large and lofty lobby you feel a sense of community from the various gathering areas. These areas can be used for eating with friends or sitting down for a chat with a neighbor. As you walk through to the back of the lobby it narrows into a hallway that leads to the three apartment spaces. If you continue straight back down the hall you will enter the stairwell that leads up to the large semi-outdoor rooftop terrace that is accessible from the second floors of the apartments. The space incorporates the main forms from the three different spaces and merges them into a cohesive design. These forms also produce the ceiling, space dividers, and seating. This area is a place to have the company of neighbors and friends while enjoying beautiful scenery, gardens, and quiet gathering areas.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jenga 2.0: Leap

After designing three different spaces from the word leap, we were asked to explore in further detail the space that we liked the best. I chose to do the space that I designed around the action of leaping. I chose to design the space so that you were leaping around to get to different destinations. We also had to add a second floor. I chose to take the ceiling from my original design and make that the space that you occupied for the second floor. The second floor is has an undulating system where in each dip is a sleeping area.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

reviews wi3

Before Sharece even began to discuss her project I could see that her concept had something to do with circular motion. All of her images and models demonstrated this very well. The concept that she had was revolve. She explored many different variations of the word and all of them were designed with thought and care to detail. I especially like the room where she used the two opposite walls that rotated to create different nooks. Then there was another room that used a curved wall where the idea was that you rotated around the room in order to circulate through the space. In terms of the drawings the third space caught my eye because it was very well done and was easy to understand. I feel that even if someone who had no clue to what the parameters to the project were they could see Sharece’s work and get an understanding of what she is designing. Sharece definitely used the kit of parts to her advantage and they aided her in designing around her concept word.


In Leslie’s presentation on Monday it was very clear that her long hours in the Interior Architect studio paid off. Her presentation was very well spoken and her ideas and concepts were very clear. Leslie’s concept word that she had to design the space

s around was deviate. Then she came up with three subsequent words that followed the same language as deviate with little twists to the definitions. Those three were glow, seduction, and chance. Of those three the one that stuck out to me the most was seduction. The way that Leslie related the word back to deviate was very clever. She used the circulation of the space to manipulate your path to deviate to different areas of the space. Then when she explained the slit in the wall that gave a small view into the private area I immediately saw the seduction of the space.

Over all, all three designs were very successful and had a great deal of detail and thought.