Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jenga 3.0 WI1

Community is a basic need of humans. We need others to surround us in order to communicate and create friendships. Our space is all about brining together designs as well as people.

As you enter into the large and lofty lobby you feel a sense of community from the various gathering areas. These areas can be used for eating with friends or sitting down for a chat with a neighbor. As you walk through to the back of the lobby it narrows into a hallway that leads to the three apartment spaces. If you continue straight back down the hall you will enter the stairwell that leads up to the large semi-outdoor rooftop terrace that is accessible from the second floors of the apartments. The space incorporates the main forms from the three different spaces and merges them into a cohesive design. These forms also produce the ceiling, space dividers, and seating. This area is a place to have the company of neighbors and friends while enjoying beautiful scenery, gardens, and quiet gathering areas.

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