Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reading Comprehension

1.) Armani 5th avenue is a great example of functionality meets form meets aesthetically pleasing. The buildings purpose or commodity is a high fashion retail store. The design displays all the rich products in pristine lighting and striking displays. The store definitely exudes high fashion and draws that consumer into the stunning space. The building being on 5th Avenue in New York City had to undergo some strict building codes and therefore is structurally sound. The delight comes from the head turning sculptural staircase. This staircase is undeniably not your run of the mill flight of steps. It is unique yet it still performs its purpose while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time. From the basic structure of the store down to the products on the shelf, Armani 5th avenue exemplifies good design, commodity, firmness, and delight.
2.) In this textile some of the eastern influences can be seen in the use of the flowers. A lot of Eastern design comes from nature and religious views having to due with their affinity for nature.

3.) As American’s our sense of personal space has expanded over the years. We tend to like more space to feel comfortable and not crowded. However I do think we make exceptions for certain circumstances, like our space in Ferguson. Yes we are very close together and our personal bubble may be encroached upon but we put up with it. Although this space is poorly designed we can learn from it. We know that the chairs are tightly packed into the room to optimize the capacity that fits in the space, but to make people feel more comfortable the chairs should be spread out a little more and the acoustics of the room need to be adjusted so hearing is easier.

4.) When I think about something happy I feel that it has to work harmoniously in all of its aspects. It also has to be able make its occupants happy. If someone walks into a place and immediately feels somber than the architect has not done his job, but when someone walks into a building and immediately feels like they could be happy and make great memories under its roof than happiness has been achieved. The quote I chose exemplifies finding happiness in architecture ”The ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus is said to have demanded of a heart broken friend whose house burnt to the ground, If you really understand what governs the universe how can you yearn for stone and pretty rock?” He was heart broken because the place where he made memories and lived his life had just vanished. It is not wrong to feel something for an inanimate object especially if it held part of you in it. My example for a piece of happy architecture would be the Riegelsville Inn, it is a place where I worked over the past two summers. It is a place where even the staff is happy to be in its presence. Warm and full of history many memories have been made in its walls and many good times have been shared over its tables. It may not be the greatest or most famous piece of architecture, however it is truly happy.

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  1. [1] great choice for CFD and good observations. [2] you did not pinpoint influences with evidence from the textile. [3] not sure you articulate HOW OR WHY we perceive that ferguson 100 does not meet our space perceptions. [4]no image for this answer so it's difficult to assess your understanding of debotton....but nice articulation of the quote about losing one's memories with the loss of the house.