Friday, November 12, 2010

Reflections summary

Reading other people’s responses was an interesting experience. It helped me yto understand that not everyone interprets things in the same manner. Especially when the subject is so subjective. Anna, Daniel, and Kayla all had very different views on the reflections unit. Anna interpreted the unit as being a cycle of life, cleverly tying in a conversation from the Lion King. She talked about how our cycle of life can directly relate to design, which makes a lot of sense. We start off with a set of rules, we eat them up and throw them out, then we find a new source, and eventually the original design comes back around, and the cycle continues. Then Kayla saw the reflections unit being about the actions of a cartwheel. We start in one position (in the box), then we break out of the box and eventually land back in the box, however the box is not completely the same yet still has some similar rules of the first box. Both ways of looking at design are different yet in the end the same concept applies. Daniel also discussed breaking boundaries like Kayla did; however he talked more specifically about one building, the Crystal Palace. He related all the rules and breaking of the rules and how they applied to that specific place. This method really helps to define key points that are in this section. Overall, I found it very helpful to read other peoples interpretations of the reflection unit because it gives me a broader idea of this design period.

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