Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jenga 5.0 Charrette

Spring break is over and once again everyone is at studio and without hesitation we are back to work. We started off Monday with our Jenga 4.0 presentations and then moved onto the Jenga 5.0 Charrette, where we converged with other groups to try and merge our designs together. It was a race against the clock and a challenge to try and manage our time efficiently, create diagrams, a design proposal, a perspective, and a detail of our proposed space all in one hour. The purpose of the exercise was to see which two groups worked best together in both design and camaraderie. The two groups we were assigned to meet with were Angled and Circuit. At first it appeared that Beaucoup and Angled could never work together because our designs were like trying to fit a puzzle piece into the wrong puzzle. However, we used that to our advantage and came up with some unique solutions to how we could marry the two structures together. Not only did we come up with an interesting plan but also our teams communicated well together. None of us were just trying to finish the job; we were having engaging design conversations that aided in our mission to thoroughly complete the assignment. The next group we met with, Circuit was a different experience. None of us could seem to focus on the task at hand or come up with any solutions to our very different designs. After an hour was up, although we completed the assignment, it did not appear that our groups had even one cohesive thought that related to the project. In the end this design charrette was a great exercise in understanding how to work swiftly and efficiently but still honing in on our design skills.

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