Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Light Sketch Series 4

Stairwell in Gatewood Studio Arts Building

a. Type of luminaire: Semi- direct

b. Mounting type: fixed mounting

c. Lamping: Fluorescent tubes

d. Construction: 2 Piece

e. Manufacturer: Lamar Lighting

f. Lumens: 47.9

g. Material and Finish: Brushed aluminum

h. Lensing: Transparent with serrated face

i. Function: Fixed semi-direct lighting

j. Ballasts: 2lamp ballasts

k. Environment: Circulation/ stairwell

l. Shielding:none besides the lensing

The purpose of the space is for circulation throughout the building as well as safety because it is a fire stairwell.

The purpose of the lighting fixtures in the space are ambient and they provide a proficient amount of light for egress.

To improve the lighting in the space I would suggest that the landings of each level in the stairwell are brighter so it clarifies where each floor is, instead of the whole stairwell being a consistent brightness the whole way through.


  1. Good observations...does your sketch illustrate the existing lighting, or your suggested changes? Would be nice to show both.

  2. Also, did you look at two other spaces?