Friday, April 29, 2011

First Year Reviews

Reviewing the first years was a great experience and a true eye opener for me. As we flew through second year I never got the chance to stop and take a look at how much we have accomplished in the past two years. The lessons, techniques, and knowledge that I acquired in first year became very relevant in second year. They helped me define a style for myself, hone in on some specific areas of interior architecture and made me view design in a different light. Seeing the first years’ final project, I was very impressed with the work they produced. It seemed as though they put a lot of thought and time into their work. If I could give them any constructive criticism it would be to stand proudly next to their work and speak clearly and confidently about what they have produced. As we all know in Iarc we give a lot of time and effort to these projects and it is our job to “sell” our work to the audience. Many first year mistakes (and I am guilty of it too) are that when we present we don’t give enough attention to what we are going to say about our deliverables and we leave our reviewers with minimal descriptions of the project. My advice is go watch some of the upper classes present and take notice of how well some of them know the project, the language and the descriptiveness in which they speak about it and the confidence they have while presenting. Over all everyone had great deliverables you just need the confidence when speaking about your work.

Ayten, you had a beautiful project that was very easy to understand and presented well. You spoke clearly about your work and very confidently. As I said in the reviews work on how you display your project. Start to develop hierarchy among your deliverables so that your presentation starts to tell a story. I would go to Google and type in competition boards and you will see how other designers display their work so that it flows nicely and how the composition of the different drawings can enhance their project. Don’t ever lose your ability to hand draw, in second year you will probably be pushed towards computer rendering. However, it is an important skill to have. I would encourage you to continue with it and also explore different medias. Also learning how to enhance your drawings using Photoshop or illustrator will be a great tool to have. Keep up the great work and don’t ever hesitate to come and ask for advice!

Have a wonderful summer,

Nikki Ware

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