Friday, April 15, 2011

Top 10 tips to stay on top in Iarc

On Monday in Patrick's studio we were paired in groups of 2 to make a ten minute presentation on a topic that we are excelling in. I was paired with Abigail Buchanan to give tips on making successful graphics. Examples of our advice include...

Create Hierarchy
Keep text and fonts consistent
Use a good gradient of colors
Get advice from professors and peers
Take breaks from your work

The top ten tips of the day in my opinion are as follows

Get inspired: Blakeni + Alyssa
Work smart and diligently
Purge your sketch up files: Phillip + Brian
Have fun: Patrick
Eat, sleep, and shower: Corry + Casey
Layer colors for rendering: Cassie + Kelly
Speak clearly and confidently: Audra + Jamaan
When modeling, take your time and be precise: Justin + Sharon
Go with your gut: Alyssa + Blakeni
Take your time: Breathe and collect your thoughts: Audra + Jamaan

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