Sunday, January 29, 2012

Anna Behrendt's Concepts

On Friday we all presented our concepts that dealt with either the Jackson Library or the Music Library. It was so much fun seeing all the other concepts from my classmates because everyone always comes up with such unique and different ideas from your own. There were two of Anna's that I found particularly good. One of them was her Electricity concept and how she related it to the Library.
Her diagram is very clear and easily understood. It is especially helpful that she included a brief description of the diagram and her thought process. I loved the idea of she got by relating electricity to learning and how ideas can come together and make a "spark" of knowledge.

The next concept that I thought flowed with the Music library well was her Water Concept. The idea that water creates different rhythms really captures the essence of what the library should be like. In some areas it should circulate quicker and others will be more slow and even paced.
Her diagram and picture represent the idea well. I feel that this concept page is more graphically pleasing than the electricity one however, both do an excellent job of describing the concepts.

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