Friday, February 10, 2012

Corry Mears Presents: Silent Music

I always enjoy Corry’s projects because he works so intrinsically with them that his personality always makes an appearance in his work and his interpretation of the music library is no different.

His idea behind Silent Music is that you experience music in new ways such as touch and sight. Through his technical drawings and handsome renderings it is clear to see that there is an inherent rhythm to the space without adding complicated systems or fanciful decorations. Simple yet beautiful is how I would describe Corry’s rendition of the music library.

I feel Corry was successful in both of his prospective material choices, they added life and warmth to a once dull and uninspiring box. He most definitely addressed the cluttered and claustrophobic organization of the library by opening the space, which allowed for a clear circulation. This aids to the user friendliness of the library. I feel that if I walked into the space I would innately know where to go.

One area where I feel could use improvement would be the conceptual aspect of the design. Although it is a very well thought out and cohesive design it feels safe and I think he could have gone above and beyond with a concept like Silent Music.

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