Thursday, February 9, 2012

Freelon Visit

Our visit to the Freelon Group was not exactly what I expected to experience. Whenever I thought of architecture firms I always pictured the mundane layout of cubicles and maybe the occasional meeting table. However, to my surprise the office was filled with life and I was delighted to see that there day seemed to run like our studio; They may have the occasional meeting, people are working digitally and physically, and every level works together. I found this to be similar to Paula’s description of TVS design. They both said that Architects and Interior Designers work hand in hand and bring everything they have to offer to the table. Their projects seemed to be where they differed. At Freelon it seemed that it was more small scale and local, where as at TVS they worked internationally and designed small to large retail spaces. Getting a feel for different types of design firms really helps me, as I am about to apply for internships and it is good to know that every firm works differently and I have options. Also, hearing the advice they had to give for resumes was very helpful and gave another insight into how to enter the professional world.

The library visit was really intriguing because we got to hear from one of the architects on the project and one of the Librarians and it was interesting to hear the intent of the design and the users view of the design. In my opinion the library had a really great flow to it and I felt like I would be able to use the libraries system with no problem. The librarian loved the design too however after being in the space for a while there were some minor issues. Such as the information desk being opaque and blocking a clear view across the library. All in all, the visit was really inspiring because we got to see first hand a glimpse our potential professional lives.

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