Monday, February 20, 2012

Music Library_ Next Step

So for the next step in the Music Library project I have to scale back my conceptual design and bring forth a more practical space. This space will allow the faculty and users to understand and navigate the library freely and without hesitation. At first I had terminated all of the physical and turned the library into a center for technology where you could download your material onto some sort of computer or tablet. However, this was too bold of a leap for the library and I was asked to reintroduce the LP’s, books, and listening devices. I still find it necessary as does my group members to eliminate some of the redundant objects in the library (such as the CDs and some books that are either available via eBook or are not used but once in a blue moon.) Also the downstairs rooms that the library would like to incorporate we feel that they inhibit the flow of the library and cause too much traffic for a fire escape. In all, I have determined that I need to design the library so it is focused around service and ease of access and also eliminating the clutter and creating a flowing circulation.

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