Monday, January 10, 2011

Design Goals

Over the past year and a half I have discovered that my work ethic in high school is far below the standard for this program. Even though in high school i was able to pass with flying colors with little effort. I changed my attitude when I got to college and decided it was time to really go after my dreams. So far I feel that i have produced some decent work. However, the work and time that I am putting into the projects is below my standard and it is time to up my game and stick out of the crowd.
Aside from working harder I do have a few other goals I would like to reach this semester. For starters I feel as though hand rendering is becoming a thing of the past as most people start to embrace the technological age. Although I love working on the computer and discovering all of the facets it has to offer, I still want to have that hand skill. For the purpose that if I am with a client and trying to describe a design to them I can easily whip together a drawing that is relevant to what I am trying to depict.
Another goal of mine is to be able to hone into the field that i want to go into after school is over. As of now my interests are very broad. I could do anything from restaurant design to restoring historic homes, or even having my own interiors store. I think this class will be a great help with narrowing my interests down.
My last goal for this semester would be to take more risks in my designs. So far I feel that I have been playing things safe and not really stepped outside my comfort zone. This goes for design in interior spaces to putting together a presentation. I want my work to be memorable and be noticed by people.


As of right now aside from school I have not done too much design work. In high school I had a small side job where I would design jewelry and sell them in a historic town called Frenchtown, NJ. There were a couple galleries that took some pieces that I had designed. I even sent some to boston, Massachusetts to a small shop. Another project that I am still working on til this day with my family is our 1850's historic farmhouse. We have been restoring it piece by piece since we moved to New Jersey from Georgia in 2000. So far we have completed the upstairs, one of the living rooms, and my parents bedroom. It has been a tedious and long process but it is where i gained my love for design.


Farm House

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