Friday, January 21, 2011

Leaping Narratives:1

Even when it is a gloomy day outside I’m always in a better mood when I step into my apartment. Although small in size it feels spacious and open. The curved walls and undulating ceilings help define intimate areas and make the space flow into my favorite place, the living room. With the high open ceiling, splashes of color, and funky furniture it is the spot I love to sit and relax and take in the cheerful aura of the room. However, after a long day I love to climb up into my lofted bed that flows right from the swelled ceiling. Waking up to the soft sunlight pouring in through the windows brightens my day from the start. I can hop down from my loft and weave my way into the kitchenette for some coffee. Everyday I wake up ecstatic to experience my apartment. When I first saw it I wanted to leap for joy and that is still I how I feel every single day.

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