Friday, January 21, 2011

Leaping Narratives:3

Have you ever had that feeling of overwhelming stress? Well I do all the time from work, school, friends and family, but that all seems to disappear when I open the door to my studio apartment. A calming sense lingers at the entrance and awaits my arrival and then entangles itself through my entire body. I feel like my whole world comes together when I come home. When I enter the room the first thing I do is go straight to my sanctuary, better known as my bed. There I flop down and pull the curtains all the way around the bed and get lost in the Zen space. The colors in the space emanate a serene sensation and beams of light softly flow through the apartment and capture every curved detail from the kitchen to the living room. From the kitchen I walk over to the living area and take a few steps down to the sofa. In the living room stand two tall and skinny columns that hold the TV and pictures. On either side of the columns are two waterfalls that flow out of the wall. Every detail and every moment in the space gives off a sense of coming together and bliss.

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