Friday, January 21, 2011

Leaping Narratives:2

A feeling of excitement engulfed me as I approached the transparent doors. When I took my first step inside a rush of energy flooded my senses. Everything seemed so disrupted yet the room flowed as if it were water. Sparks of green and blue engaged the accents of the space. I wandered through the living area where a huge chandelier hung that looked like someone had plummeted into the water and enormous spray of water flew up into the air. When I was done admiring my new living room I gazed over to the corner of the downstairs where large glass sculpture stood stretching up to the fourteen-foot ceilings. There was an opening at the side of the sculpture and my curiosity brought me to peer inside. When I did I found myself looking at the most magnificent bathroom. I instantly thought back to the chandelier and found myself inside a blown up version, I felt like I was inside that spray of water. After my experience in the bathroom I explore the rest of my apartment. Up into the loft I find my nook where bed is imbedded into another glass sculpture. This space hangs over the kitchen and dining area and defines a very intimate setting. After discovering the whole experience of my new place I am overwhelmed with excitement.

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